Quality Assurance

Quality is a defining characteristic of HP Communications; it is what sets us apart from other telecommunications construction companies. Another company can do the job, but the question is can they do it well? Quality service is what we strive for, every single day for each of our customers. The pursuit of excellence is at the core of everything we do at HP.

In order to achieve such quality, HP Communications has tapped into the essence of quality assurance and applied it to every aspect of the company. The key to quality assurance is knowledge. HP Communications empowers and involves all of its employees. Every week our crews meet for training and discussions on understanding our customers’ goals and how best to meet or exceed them. Every week our administrators connect to discuss our internal systems for planning and reporting. Every week our managers collaborate to discuss new policies, training, and goals. These weekly meetings occur at three different levels of management, constantly improving every employee’s breath of knowledge in the industry and the company. Each of the many experienced craftsmen and members of the HP team make a personal commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction; for as a company, we are committed to quality, efficiency, service and the highest standards of workmanship.

For information on how you can become a part of this company culture in partnership or employment, please see our Introduction Package or Employment/Career sections.