KUDOS for Los Angeles and Orange/Inland in regards to Outage Reponse

Nick, and Chris, allow me to also complement your team on the response last night.  I know there are a few who were out there last night who are not copied, so please make sure that everyone involved last night get’s a big thank you from all of us at Abovenet.

Troy was Johnny on the spot and was there before any of us and had identified the fault, had begun discussions with the city inspector, began the initial investigation and was a huge help in helping us locate and uncover the Manholes.

Raul and Servando who were both helping us earlier in the day with the LA-27 project, both got the site and were ready to splice when the cable was placed.

The fiber and splicing crew from Corona was on site, proofed the spare conduit, and had the fiber placed before either Level 3 or Quest even had fiber on location.

It was a great team effort and we restored service to our customers in a very timely manner considering the severity of the issue.

Kevin Sullivan
City Ops Manager – Abovenet

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