Engineering / Fabrication

One of the major benefits here at HP Communications, Inc. is that we are blessed to have our own Engineering and Fabrication branch. Our Engineering department works closely with our clients/customers to have the specification measures of all units due for installation. The Fabrication Shop is then responsible to have these skemetics and make it come to life.

HP Communications Engineering Department provides Lease Structure Investigation and Engineering Services. We provide labor, equipment and material to obtain a manhole detail (butterfly drawing) and digital end wall photograph required to receive an approved permit for occupancy from AT&T / Verizon. The “field drawn” manhole butterfly will be then be created in AUTOCAD format capable of being updated, inventoried and catalogued as the network is built (sample included). In addition an overview drawing in adobe format will be provided to summarize the final results of the route investigation. Price to include confined space entry procedures, pumping of water out of manholes and all necessary traffic controls.

Other elements of engineering and permitting that HP Communications provides are:

Route Proposal, Base Maps, Strand Maps, Stand Drafting, Make Ready, JPA’s/ Power pole Applications, Aerial and Underground Special Permits (Railroad, MTA, Cal-Trans, etc.), Civil/Traffic Engineer stamp, Underground permit design and submittal, traffic control and node engineering.

Manny Zamora
Engineering Manager

Veronica Ohr
Government Services Administrator
Network Engineer

Joeseph Gonzales
Network Engineer

Mike Zamora
Network Engineer

Eric Gonzalez
Network Engineer

Engineering Drawings3-D Image of Engineering Fabricated Designs produced and fabricated here in
HP Communciations, Inc. We are capable of Engineering & Designing custom Antenna Brackets and Outdoor Rated Electronic Housing Enclosures suitable for any Application.



In addition to our Engineering services we provide customized / tailored design services to accommodate any and all types of utility / streetlight pole and ground mounted applications.

This service is offered to all customers in an effort to comply with the stringent demands set by jurisdictions when it comes to permitting equipment such as repeaters, antennas and power supplies to name a few.

Our Engineering group analyzes the installation requirements of a particular piece of equipment and develops a design that is then submitted to our onsite Fabrication shop that in turn creates a product that can be mass produced for a number of markets or for a specific application.

In regards to HP Communications Fabrication:

“The shroud seems to be the best one we have ever received so far.

The additional dT is only 1 to 3 K depending on the fan speed (current fans ~ 3 K, high speed fans e.g. 30W fan Papst 4414HH with 5000 RPM reduces the dT even down to 1 K) which is actually an excellent performance.”

Dave Ladner
Fabrication Shop Supervisor