New Underground Construction

HP Communications offers new underground construction in order to facilitate the placement of fiber optic cable. We offer: Trenching/Boring To Install 2 – 1 ¼” HDPE Conduit: Price to include labor equipment and material to trench or bore to the specified depth in asphalt, concrete, or dirt, installation of conduit and backfill material restoration of landscaping, asphalt, (up to a two foot “T-Cut” over trench line) and concrete to as good or better condition. Price also includes all traffic control, lane closures and flagman as necessary to perform work operations safely.

Railroad Crossing Boring: Price to include Furnishing and Boring 1 – 4” steel casing with 3 – 1 1/4” HDPE conduits to specified depth under R x R tracks. Potholing and restoration of any and all surfaces including railroad ballasts. Scope of work (SOW) also includes all necessary scheduling and coordination with railroad flagmen.

Installing 2X3 or 17×30 Vault: Price to include excavation of area, ¾” crushed rock bedding for vault, ground rod installation and any restoration necessary to return site to as good or better condition.

Micro-Trenching Drastically reduces the cost, time and complexity associated with traditional trenching methods which in addition to being expensive, is a lengthy process. Deployment can be completed with smaller crews and less equipment and less impact to surrounding homes and businesses. A crew can install as much as a thousand feet of fiber per day (including restoration). It leaves existing roadways, sidewalks and landscaping intact and provides a win-win situation for the municipalities and the local constituents. Please click here to see our Micro-Trenching Power Point Presentation.

Please note that there are additional costs for sites less than 100’, additional asphalt restoration due to Moratorium Streets, power conduit tie-in into Electric Company manholes, power trench engineering and power connect for nodes.