When it comes to training and safety, HP Communications has diligently laid out every path to keep our work force informed and trained in every aspect of our work. We pride ourselves in job safety and respect our employees’ safety. We provide weekly safety classes that can be viewed online. If at any time you would like to take one of our training courses on Mondays just let us know and we will send you the link to join us.

These are just some of the accredited courses that we give here at HP Communications:

 Mission Statement  Vehicle Repair Practices
  General Safety Rules  Fire & Safety Prevention
NESC 1910.269 Shop-Garage Safety
NESC 1910.268 Telecommunications Ergonomics
 CPR & First Aid Competent Person -Excavation & Trenching
 B&W Gas Detector  Forklift Operator and Driving
 Competent Person -Confined Space Entry  Hazardous Materials & Substances
 GO 95 / GO 94  Welding & Cutting
 Power Tool Safety  Looking Out For the Other Guy
 Pole Climbing  Heat Illness Protection
 Respiratory Safety  C9970 Voltage Detector
 Back Safety  Live Wire On a Stick
 Ladder Safety  Think, Then Look Before You Step
 Lock/Block Out (Controlling Hazardous Energy)  Safety Always -All Ways
 Hearing Protection Safety  Take Another Look At Safety
 Hard Hat Safety  Sunstroke
 Accident Investigation  Bloodborne Pathogens
 Motor Vehicles Operations  Workplace Violence
 (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment  Management Has Your Interest In Safety
 Aerial Lifts  Close Calls
 Tools & Equipment  What Do You Have -How Much Will You Keep?
 Field Work Practices  Exhaustion
 Microwave Transmission  Dig Alert
 Electronic Repair Practices  Stretching Exercises
 Warehouse & Materials