About us

HP Communications, Inc. is a full turnkey OSP/ISP contractor, founded in 1998. We’re on the frontline of a seemingly non-stop communications revolution. We strive to stay current and incorporate new technologies, as they develop, in order to respond quickly to our customers’ demands. We currently have offices across the United States and have over 500 in-house employees to support our customers. To keep up with advancements in technology, HP Communications has established strong relationships with service providers as well as product manufacturers in an effort to offer our customers and employees the latest innovations available. The HP team is composed of a diverse array of very talented individuals that include journeymen, linemen, splicers, engineers and maintenance technicians; and also includes experts in project management, administration as well as finance and law. All of the employees at HP Communications are dedicated to giving our customers complete satisfaction.

“The pursuit of excellence is at the core of everything we do at HP Communications.”

If you are looking to engage HP Communications for assistance with telecommunications construction, please view our Introduction Package. HP Communications is also able to provide you with a more custom introduction package specifically tailored for your company. If you are interested in receiving one of these custom packages, send an e-mail with your company information to info@hpcomminc.com.

Please include the company name and address as well as a contact name and phone number and we will be happy to send you the packet in a timely manner.