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"The pursuit of excellence is at the core of everything we do at HP Communications."

HP Communications, Inc. (“HP”) is a full turnkey OSP/ISP contractor founded in 1998. We strive for excellence in everything we do. We stay current with the latest and greatest products and training to incorporate new technologies as they develop, thereby responding quickly to our customers' demands and needs. HP has established strong relationships with service providers and product manufacturers throughout the nation, striving to offer our customers and employees the latest innovations available. With 14 operation centers across the U.S and a team of around 800 in-house employees, HP dedicates itself to giving our customers complete satisfaction. Every employee holds true to HP’s core and unshakable values of Brotherhood, Service, and Excellence.

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HP Communications, Inc. is a communications construction company committed to quality, efficiency, service and the highest standards of excellence. We are a full turnkey OSP/ISP contractor founded in 1998. If you are interested in joining our team please visit our Careers page.


“Plan your work, work your plan.”

In keeping with HP’s desire for excellence, training our employees has proven paramount. Each new employee is given an extensive New Hire Orientation that encompasses OSHA safety requirements and internal policies and procedures. Throughout employment, employees undergo weekly, monthly, annual and biannual trainings based upon their expertise. One such training is our HP Bootcamp in which we train our employees at the inspector level and above on the foundations of our processes that have made HP Communications the High Performance Team.

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"The pursuit of excellence is at the core of everything we do at HP Communications."

  • 2024 Motto: “For God & Country
  • HP Program Management Continues To Deliver Success for Our Customers.
    Based in Corona, CA, the responsibilities of HP’s 4 Program Managers include ensuring uniformity across HP’s Ops Centers. This includes hosting project deployment meetings, overseeing client reporting, ensuring data integrity, internal database management/oversight, new project set up, and prioritizing construction schedules.
  • HP Moves back to Florida!
    We are excited to be back in the Florida & South East Market, looking forward to working with existing customers from the past and bringing in new opportunities, growth & bringing in a strong work force to be the best asset we can to our customers. HP looks to expand to all the encompassing states with current projects in Southern Florida with American Dark Fiber & Butler America and in South Carolina with Lumen. The South East Market has tons of opportunity and we can’t wait to be a part of it.
  • Tennessee!
    The Tennessee team is proudly celebrating three impactful years in the Tennessee market. This significant milestone speaks volumes about our dedication, resilience, and unwavering commitment to excellence as we expand our influence in this region. Our steadfast focus on delivering exceptional quality and unparalleled service has cemented our reputation among competitors. From spearheading a Fiber to the Home Network in Alaska to expanding the fiber network across Tennessee, Alabama and neighboring states, our team's relentless efforts have been pivotal in reaching these significant milestones. As we commemorate this achievement, it's crucial to look ahead. The future presents abundant opportunities for us to strengthen our presence and venture into new horizons within the Tennessee market. To achieve this, we're actively sourcing talent to add an extra Line Crew, Underground Crew, and Splicing Crew to our workforce. This expansion signals our commitment to not only meet but exceed the growing demands and expectations of our clients. We are poised to build upon our success and deliver even greater value to the communities we serve.
  • Inland – Empire, California
    The Inland Empire team worked diligently to place the network for RACE & impress the residents of the City of Ontario with our speed and quality of work. We were able to service the Inland Empire market for AT&T and complete over 540 projects. In support of the 1F build for Verizon Business, our team has delivered over 222 sites in the Riverside & Los Angeles South markets. IE is eager to bring our skills and knowledge to the Middle Mile Project and show California what HP Communications has to offer. We look forward to the many opportunities that will allow our team to show their amazing skillset. For God & County 2024.
  • Los Angeles, California
    We are ecstatic to announce the merge of the North LA and South LA offices! The merger brings together the collective resources of both yards, allowing us to operate more efficiently and effectively. Throughout the merger process our commitment to delivering excellent service remains unwavering. You can continue to rely on us for all your Telecommunications needs. We look forward to 2024 and keeping Cities connected from 70+ miles of Underground Construction for Caltrans to Building Small cells for T-Mobile, Verizon and Crown Castle.  Providing Fiber to the home to sub-sea lines the Los Angeles Market has got you covered! We are excited about the future and look forward to continuing our partnership, delivering exceptional service to you, our valued customers.
  • HP South Los Angeles
    HP Communications South LA Ops Center has expanded their horizons by maintaining and meeting our customer’s needs. This allowed us to set up two additional yards to be more efficient in delivering all commitments superseding Customer demands. We have been re-awarded the 2023 construction and maintenance contract for Culver Connect to expand the network to serve customers such as Apple, Amazon and Sony. South LA completed a total of 120k ft of micro trench in 2022 for TING and Continuing micro trench & fiber to the home network construction in Culver City this 2023. We have built multiple diverse fiber paths for SpaceX and are currently preparing to kick off 400,000 feet with Sonic Telecom, 1,147 FTTH for Frontier in Santa Barbara County and in the process of closing out 510 BSL sites with Mobilitie in a 30 day turn around. HP South Los Angeles completed connection for Verizon Business back bone cable from Calabazas to Malibu down to Santa Monica and Playa Vista to provide fiber to over 80 4G,5G and Macros. We have recently been awarded 20 miles of Network Extension micro trench, bore and fiber placement to connect San Fernando valley, Tujunga, Glendale and La Cañada Flintridge. We are expanding existing infrastructure for Verizon Business bringing wide band services to Private Businesses such as shopping centers, grocery stores, Distribution and manufacturing centers. We will continue striving for excellence and look forward to great things to come.
  • HP San Diego
    The San Diego market successfully ended the year strong in 2023! We have turned our focus on the new year 2024 “For God and Country”. We are pursuing opportunities in our neighboring state of Arizona while developing infrastructure between countries and continuing to support all of San Diego’s needs. We are continuing to develop the F1 plant as we move to enterprise deliverables. We have a great opportunity with COX Communications on a major transmission route crossing the 52 Freeway feeding Miramar substation. We are continuing with AT&T SVA contract, and we were awarded a Cable Recovery project that will expand the conduit footprint and availability in Southern California. We are looking forward to seeing what comes in 2024 and will continue to serve our customers with the highest of expectations.
  • Orange County, California
    OC is an exciting place to be in 2024 for God and Country!  We are all thrusters set to GO in the city of Tustin.  We are well into constructing a FTTH project throughout the city for Cityside Networks while building a project for Crown Castle consisting of 95 street light sites going back to 3 hubs throughout the city.   We are gearing up for continuing to provide services to CSN in the cities of Orange, North Tustin, Anaheim, Santa Ana and surrounding areas.  Orange County continues to support core carries Dish, VZW, MCI, TPX and T-Mobile.  OC received their first work orders from AT&T wrecking copper from MH systems 65,000’ with multiple lines throughout.  Going to be a good with more in the future.  Off in the distance is the highly anticipated Middle Mile project to begin later this year.
  • Central Valley, California
    Growing the area this year, with the addition of Lancaster, has given CV many wonderful opportunities with our clients. 2024 will be a huge year for us with the addition of Caltrans, CVIN, and the increased Frontier jobs in the High Desert and Central Coast. 2023 delivered, to RACE, 286 miles of constructed Fiber. MCI took ownership of 22 NED sites. AT&T SVA and Traffic Control kept the Fresno team busy with 690 jobs completed.  Frontier has 3044 homes delivered in only 7 months of construction. Great Team Work!!!
  • San Francisco Day Area, California
    The Bay Area has been chasing several opportunities in order to increase our new customer base and continue to build relationships with customers we’ve already worked with. We were awarded the first copper reclamation project with AT&T and completed it ahead of schedule. The Bay has secured more work with Sonic; we currently have an aerial project in San Rafael and multiple underground jobs. We’ve also started several projects with IIG and CVIN. Modus and ExteNet will continue to be a key part of our small cell workload. Additionally, the Bay will be looking to get involved in the California Middle-Mile Broadband Initiative. We’re looking forward to building on our accomplishments through the new year.
  • Sacramento, California
    The future looks bright for our Sacramento Team as we move into 2024. Our partnerships with existing customers in this market will continue as we move forward with builds in and around Sacramento and launch new builds in Chico, as well as Nevada City or Arbuckle. Securing several contracts with Lumen means an expansion of our services into surrounding states and more than double the aerial and UG work performed in 2023. Not only that, but we are well positioned to partner with companies on the Middle Mile project which will allow Sacramento to continue growing.  With a team that focuses on consistently improving and working hard to meet our customers’ diverse needs, Sacramento is ready to showcase our abilities as we deliver on HP’s core values of Brotherhood, Service and Excellence!
  • Hawaii
    HP has been blessed to have the opportunity to partner with Hawaiian Tel, delivering Fiber to the Home on all the Hawaiian Islands. HP has planted its flag with established yards and offices on Kauai, the Big Island, Maui, and Oahu. With all of the HP Brothers across these Islands, we have been able to deliver fiber to over 45,000 homes in just 2 short years. We are proud to serve the communities in Hawaii and are excited to work with any and all customers in the years ahead.
  • Houston, Texas
    The Houston team successfully executed 150 miles of new underground construction, 90 miles of aerial construction and achieved the activation of 7000 customer locations for the Fiber to the Home Build initiative.  The team has recently been awarded  350 mile long haul project of new fiber construction.  As we reflect on these achievements, the Houston team eagerly anticipates a promising 2024.
  • Dallas, Texas
    2024 is proving to be an exciting year for HP Communications in Dallas! The team has been working hard with local customers on BAU work as well as starting projects with new customers we have not worked with in the past. We are negotiating multiple large projects in the Dallas area that will help HP and our partners stay busy throughout the year! Our fiber blowing crews have been putting in 100’s of miles of fiber this year and still have plenty more to do this year. We were also awarded another 2 jobs in the Montana region as well. The team is pumped and ready to have a great 2024!
  • HP Communications awarded thousands of drops in Northern California.
    HP has been awarded a major contract to place thousands of drops over the next few years. HP Communications is working in Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Concord, Fresno, Reno.
  • Engineering
    HP Communications Engineering is a developing team, supporting HP OP centers in many locations throughout California. With numerous accomplishments across all aspects of engineering: underground, aerial, power, and nodes. HP has engineered networks in many areas like Tustin, North Tustin, Inland Empire, Los Angeles, San Deigo, and Northern California, that resulted in the engineering of 416 miles of network and over 10,000 unique poles. We have created 295 node designs all over the Bay Area and San Deigo County. The team has also engineered 150 power designs all over LA and Orange counties. In addition to engineering, the team has made numerous relationships with all sorts of jurisdictions including cities, counties, and different pole owning utilities, in an effort to make HP Communications a company that everyone wants to work with. Considering that engineering is the first step in many projects, we work diligently to start projects off the HP way!
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